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ASUS N43SL Notebook Launch (Taiwan)

ASUS N43SL Notebook Launch (Taiwan)

When Jay Met Jonney

The ASUS N43SL Jay Chou Special Edition Launch

Which mobile computing device collectively combines the expertise of ASUS, Bang & Olufsen and Jay Chou?  The answer to that question is also the reason why we are in Taipei at this moment. More to the point, we are here to witness the launch of ASUS' latest N-series notebook, otherwise known as the N43SL Jay Chou Special Edition. In a jazzed up media affair, the press event opened with ASUS Chairman Mr Jonney Shih conducting an "orchestra" consisting of an array of 14-inch N43SL laptops. The enigmatic Jay Chou soon appeared, taking his seat at the grand piano before playing tunes to accompany Shih's electronic ensemble.



After his on-stage performance, Mr Shih confessed that his son and himself are admirers of Jay's musical accomplishments. So it's no surprise that the Taiwanese artiste was appointed as Chief Designer to help design the flamboyant N43SL. Chou also added he was never adept at drawing since he was a child, and he thanked the ASUS creative team for aiding him during the creative process. Just like the first N43 model launched last year, the 2nd-generation N43SL will feature audio hardware and technology co-developed by the Bang & Olufsen ICEpower team. Termed as SonicMaster, you may expect similar amplifier circuitry as well as larger acoustic chambers and speakers on the Jay Chou-flavored laptop as the previous N43. Lookout for more info and photos on the new N43SL after the jump.