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ASUS @ Computex 2011

ASUS @ Computex 2011

AIO and Motion Sensing


While the tablets and notebooks took the majority of the attention, ASUS had two other new products at the press-con. The first is a stylish All-in-One (AIO), the 27-inch ET2700XVT. It has an HD IPS display for up to 178-degree viewing angles, a digital TV tuner and more importantly, a 10-point multi-touch feature. There are HDMI inputs and a Blu-ray drive to ensure that it's ideal of some HD entertainment.

WAVI Xtion

ASUS' WAVI Xtion may be the first PC motion sensing controller system, but this device, first shown at CES 2011, is only just making the rounds at trade shows like this. The company knows that it needs the developers on its side, but though it uses the same technology as Microsoft's Kinect, it lacks the name awareness of the console accessory and it could be a while before it makes any waves in the mainstream market.

The Xtion peripheral hooks up with a display (like a TV) and a PC, allowing users to take advantage of its motion controls to navigate special applications like the Xtion Browser that are customized for motion controls.

That's all for the ASUS press-con that focused on the company's CE agenda. For those who are more interested in ASUS' traditional strengths in components, check back here as we'll be looking at Republic of Gamers (ROG) products next.