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AMD FX Processors - All You Need to Know of Bulldozers and the FX-8150

AMD FX Processors - All You Need to Know of Bulldozers and the FX-8150

Upclose With the AMD FX

Up Close With the AMD FX

The AMD FX review kit arrived in our office in a nondescript box courtesy of AMD's local office. After unboxing the parcel, we were greeted with a fairly large black package emblazoned with a decal proclaiming the primary content which is the unlocked AMD FX processor - the eight-core FX-8150.

The kit shipped with an ASUS Crosshair V Formula motherboard which is ASUS’s top tier AMD 990FX Chipset based motherboard featuring the AM3+ Socket and what appears to be a belt buckle of sorts with the Scorpius FX logo embossed on it.

The processor was already installed on the motherboard and there was no supplied CPU cooler. Unlike the cardboard based box packaging, the AMD FX processors received a tin box treatment to contain the processor. We're not sure if the locally retailed editions will feature this nice collector's edition sort of feel.

We will be reviewing the AMD FX-8150 using the recommended AMD "Scorpius" gaming platform soon. The outlook on first impressions for Bulldozer looks good. It is targeted at overclockers and gamers as the Bulldozer CPUs are shipped with fully unlocked multipliers. They have high initial clockspeeds and they should reach well beyond the 4GHz level when overclocked without any special cooling system. The AMD FX platform looks set to be a speedy and affordable alternative to Intel's offerings, but stay tuned as we spend some time to crunch the numbers for the final verdict.