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The World Cup Comes to Firefox!

The World Cup kicks off in less than 12 hours and if you are a footie fan, like myself, then I'm sure you'll want to make your allegiance known to your friends, classmates or colleagues at work. Well, downloading Personas for Firefox is a good way to start.

For the uninitiated, Personas are easy-to-use themes to customize the look of your Firefox browser. And in conjunction with the World Cup, Firefox is having its own Firefox Cup, where users can show support by downloading their favorite team's Personas. The team with the most downloads over the World Cup tournament period wins.

At the time of writing, leading the standings is Argentina with 1265 downloads. Brazil is second with 905 and - surprise, surprise - Mexico is third with 616.

So hurry up and head down to the Firefox Cup to dress up your Firefox and start showing support for your team!

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