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War Between the 6 Mobile Giants

Distimo, a company that tracks all public application data from app stores to monitor information about activity and trends in apps, has recently released some very interesting information during a presentation at this year's Mobile World Congress... namely with regards to the six largest mobile device apps stores:

  1. Apple App Store
  2. BlackBerry App Store
  3. Google Android Market
  4. Nokia Ovi Store
  5. Palm App Catalog
  6. Windows Marketplace for Mobile

The entire presentation is attached below for viewing, but here are some of the more noteworthy facts:

  • Apple reigns over all at 150k+ applications, with Android coming in a distant second at 19+k.
  • Android has the fastest growing rate, with the addition of 15% new applications last month. It also happens to be the one with the largest share of free apps.
  • Average price for apps bought from Apple, Android, Nokia is in the same range, while those for RIM and Microsoft are more than twice as high.


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