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Non-reference GTX 400 Cards Heading This Way

Customized GTX 400 Cards Heading Our Way

I'm at the NVIDIA Press Conference in Nha Trang, Vietnam and there's some interesting things that are coming up for NVIDIA's new GeForce GTX 400 series.

We've already documented the features of the GeForce GTX 480 here in this review and video, as well as its lesser powerful sibling, the GeForce GTX 470 here. While NVIDIA's latest cards are undoubtedly quick and powerful, they are extremely power hungry and operating temperatures are a real concern.

Fortunately, however, Palit already has custom designed variants of these two SKUs ready. Both cards will feature dual fans coolers, which should help bring operating temperatures down, and will also be factory overclocked for greater performance.

Palit says the new cards will only be ready in mid May or early June, but here's a quick look at what we can expect.

Not to be left out, Zotac also says they have plans for factory overclocked editions of their cards. And although we didn't see a sample on display, they stated that their cards will be available in mid May.

Let's hope these custom editions will help improve the GeForce GTX 480 and GTX 470.

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