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The Importance of Being Online

The Importance of Being Online

As Hardware Zone’s resident petrolhead, I spend a good amount of time trawling automotive forums. Forums, as I’m sure you will know, are great places to go meet like-minded people and share knowledge. As such, an increasing number of businesses are turning to forums as a means of reaching their target audience. Hence, it is also not surprising these days to find sub-forums in forums dedicated solely for garages and workshops to trumpet their wares.

Performance-minded products, as you expect, are very popular amongst car enthusiasts. Men, as I have always maintained, have an insatiable lust of power, but I digress.

Recently, I learnt from a reputable workshop in Singapore about a new tuning house. Apparently, this tuning house is so obscure that even some of the forum's most veteran members are not aware of its existence. And in a bid to generate buzz, the proprietor of the workshop posted many pictures of the products available - exhaust manifold, suspension, big brake kits, the lot. The workshop also posted dyno charts detailing the effectiveness of these parts. And to round off the whole marketing shebang, testimonials from customers were also posted for all to see. Now that’s all well and good, but there’s one little problem.

This tuning house doesn’t have its own website.

Developing performance parts of cars is no easy feat - considerable capital and resources is required. So how is it my 60 year-old neighbor can start her own blog and sell home-made jewelry online, but a tuning house capable of crafting their own exhaust manifolds, machining their own throttle bodies and developing their own braking kits not have a website to call their own?

Ten years ago that won’t be such a big deal, but in this day and age, can anyone serious about doing business not have its own website and a presence online?

As usual, your thoughts please.

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