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Cooler Master Q Alloy Keyboard
By Justin Ong
Category : Input Devices
Published by Jimmy Tang on Thursday, 12th February, 2004
Rating : 3.5 out of 5 stars  


Consumers these days are overwhelmed with choices. For every products out there, there are scores of designs and functionalities to choose from. For example, keyboards these days aren’t just solely designed for programming or document creation. We’re seeing a growing number of keyboard manufacturers adding more keys and controls to their keyboards for increased functionality. One product breaking from this trend is the Q Alloy Keyboard from CoolerMaster. Unlike most current keyboards that include some forms of multimedia controls and other shortcut keys, CoolerMaster decided to base their new keyboard on a ‘back to the basics’ design; this stylish input device from the Taiwan Company is a downright bare to the bone keyboard.

The first thing you’ll notice about the keyboard is its simplicity. You won’t find any multimedia shortcut keys or scroll wheels on this 104 keys input device. Layout of the keys here is almost identical to those found on notebooks with the exception of a full-fledged number-pad incorporated onto the starboard side of the keyboard. Wrapped in an aluminium alloy frame, this cold to the touch heavy-duty device is surprisingly light and portable when compared to multimedia keyboards encased in lightweight plastic housing.

You can see that the underside of the keyboard is constructed of plastic. This explains its ultra lightweight design.

The Q Alloy Keyboard connects to your computer through the means of an USB connection. But if you do not want the keyboard to hog an USB port or you’re still using an archaic computer without any USB connectivity, you’re out of luck, as no USB-to-PS/2 converter is given in the package.

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