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TDK DED+440N External DVD Writer (Exclusive)
By Justin Ong
Category : Optical Storage
Published by Jimmy Tang on Wednesday, 26th November, 2003
Rating : 5 out of 5 stars  


DVD is slowly taking the centerstage from CDs, and for a good reason too, given that its storage capacity is six times more superior than that of the good old CD, which is easily maxed out at around 870MB (if you purchase off the shelf overburn CD media). And added to the fact the gradual drop in pricing of both the DVD writer and storage media, it’s a no-brainer as to why more and more people are embracing the DVD writer technology.

Amongst the top flight of optical drive manufacturer is TDK. In operation since 1935, the company has branched out from its main magnetic ferrite product base into other product lines, including the manufacturing of optical drives. Their Cyclone line of CD writers had won numerous accolades including one from us at Hardware Zone. It was given a perfect 5 out of 5 stars (for the Cyclone 48x24x48x Internal CDRW drive ). Today, we’ll be reviewing the new TDK 440N external Dual-Format DVD Writer. Now if you recollect a few months back, we reviewed the TDK Dual Format 4x DVD Writer , an internal model that had gotten full marks from us. With that said, let’s take this drive for a spin in our lab and see whether this latest addition to TDK’s family can uphold the impeccable achievement made by its Cyclone 48X and the internal DVD writer variant. Read on as we scrutinize this drive in our labs.

No sharp corners, this unit is babysafe!

Noticed the recessed eject button and the lack of a headphone jack and volume dial?

A very spartan rear with the bare essentials

First Impressions

The external 440N is encased in a curvy black glossy plastic housing, giving it a clean lacquered classy look. You won’t find any sharp corners on this unit. Being an external drive, aesthetics is crucial and TDK has conjured a unique and appealing drive with the design, and did we mention that the entire front tray is also made with the same black glossy material? With the trend of do-it-yourself PCs going the upside, more and more consumers are turning into PC hobbyists and modders. The glossy exterior of the DED+440N should be a hit with these groups of PC enthusiasts, as it can easily match the designs of their personalized casing or for the trendy who finds the tone of beige too cliché. The shift away from beige is ever so prominent with major PC makers like Dell & HP adopting black and darker shades of color for their line of PCs.

The external model bodes well for consumers who needs the occasional portability and also for those who have absolutely no idea on how to install an internal writer. Whichever the reason, the USB 2.0 connectivity located at the rear end of the unit will provide for a hassle free installation. A word of caution though, this unit requires a USB 2.0 port to work, the bandwidth of a USB 1.1 port just doesn’t cut it if you want to unleash the full potential of the drive. So do make sure your PC, be it a desktop or notebook has a USB 2.0 port before you invest your dollars into this product.

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