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Fujitsu MHT2060AH (5400RPM)
By CPU-zilla
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Published by Jimmy Tang on Wednesday, 14th April, 2004
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Besides Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST), Fujitsu is one other mobile hard disk drive manufacturer that produces high capacity drives for the notebook market. In terms of technology, they are quite neck to neck against HGST although Fujitsu has still yet to introduce a 7,200RPM 2.5-inch hard disk drive for the mobile market. Still, in the mainstream segment, they are doing rather well with their 5,400RPM offerings, with capacities all the way up at 80GB.

Their disks are manufactured with GDT (Glass Direct Texture) media that allows capacities up to a whopping 10.7Gb/inĀ². This effectively gives them the ability to produce large capacity drives by combining two disk media and four heads to give us a total usable space of 80GB. Such drives are complex to manufacture and requires higher engineering precision as the drive height is quite limited. In order to prevent the head from ever touching the media during transport, Fujitsu's head load/unload mechanism parks the drive's head outside the media. This gives it better tolerance towards non-operational bumps and knocks of up to 900G - suitable for use in mobile systems.

The back view of the Fujitsu MHT2060AH hard disk drive.

In order to reduce operating noise, Fujitsu also employed the use of more expensive FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) motor to drive the disks. Other notable features include 320-bit length ECC (Error Correction Code) for higher drive reliability and an 8MB cache for better read/write performance.

The drive with the PCB removed.

A closer view of the drive's PCB.

The drive uses a Hynix 7ns SDRAM memory part.

Let's have a look at the drive's specifications below before we carry on :-

Fujitsu MHT2060AH Technical Specifications
Model No. MHT2060AH
Interface Ultra ATA-100
Capacity 60 Gigabytes
Number of Disks 2
Number of Heads 3
Bytes per Sector 512
Average Read Seek 12 ms
Minimum Seek 1.5 ms
Maximum Seek 22.0 ms
Average Latency 5.56 ms
Rotational Speed 5,400 RPM
Data Transfer Rate 100MB/sec (external)
Buffer 8 MB
Power Requirements
  • 0.85W (low power idle)
  • 2.3W (read/write)
  • 5.0W (spin up)
  • Dimensions 9.5mm (H) x 70mm (W) x 100mm (D)
    Weight <99g

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