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Fujitsu MAS3735NP 73GB (15K RPM)
By CPU-zilla
Category : Storage
Published by Jimmy Tang on Monday, 26th April, 2004
Rating : 5 out of 5 stars  

Test Setup

The testbed's specifications can be found in the last page of this review and it has served us well in testing hard disk drives for quite a while. Since the motherboard did not come with any SCSI controller, we installed an Adaptec 29320-R Ultra320 SCSI card and connected the drive to the system using an LVD cable with a 68-pin connector. The Fujitsu MAS3735NP was the only drive connected to the SCSI card, thus, freeing all bandwidth resources to the drive alone.

Four sets of results were collected. They were :-

  • Winbench 99 v2.0
  • Intel IOmeter - File server workload
  • Intel IOmeter - Web server workload
  • HDTach v2.61

    Results - Winbench 99 v2.0

    Under application-based workloads simulated by Winbench 99, the Fujitsu's MAS3735NP performed just in the similar ballpark as the Seagate Cheetah 15K.3. In fact, under high-end workstation-based workloads, the Fujitsu MAS3735NP was a tad faster. Although its performance was promising, it nevertheless fell prey to Maxtor's Atlas 15K, where it was between 8% to 14% faster than Fujitsu's drive. Let's look into the next page to see the drive's basic seek and transfer rate performance.

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