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Iomega Predator 40x24x40x
By Aaron Yip
Category : Optical Storage
Published by Jimmy Tang on Thursday, 17th April, 2003
Rating : 4.5 out of 5 stars  

Nero Burning ROM Results

In this page, we'll conduct the last test with Nero Burning ROM v5.5.10.15a. We grabbed the same variety of CD-R media used in our previous 40x-write CD-RW articles and gave this Iomega drive our usual test run. The CD-RW tests were done on an Ultra Speed unmarked (based on Mitsubishi dye) 24x-rated CD-RW media on the Predator 40x24x40x, and with a Lite-On 12x CD-RW media on the AOpen 40x12x48x and the Predator 40x12x40x drives.

Click me!! The Predator drive uses the P-CAV writing strategy here.

Click me!! On the other hand, the same drive uses the F-CAV method with CD-RW media.

As a 40x24x40x external writer, the Iomega Predator sure lived up to its name, munching away convincingly at any CD-R media that we threw at it. You can also see from the results above that the writer is pretty compatible with most of the commonly available 40x-rated media here (in Singapore). On a typical P-CAV burning session, the Predator will start from 18.90x before it writes at a constant 40x speed somewhere around the 69-minutes part of a CD-R. Unlike many ultra-speed CD-RW drives, which uses the same P-CAV writing strategy, the Predator 40x24x40x uses the slower F-CAV. That may explain why its re-writing score isn't anything to laud about - if we compared it with some of the internal CD-RW drives with 24x re-write capabilities.

Overall, we're pleased with the overall scores here. Iomega have made some significant improvements with the writing capabilities of the new Predator over its predecessor, where they showed that the Predator 40x24x40x does not only writes fast, but pretty media-friendly as well.

We also ran some additional tests and found the following results -
  • It is able to perform full 99 minutes overburning.
  • It is able to copy discs with certain types of sub-channel data information.
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