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Electrolux Trilobite
By CPU-zilla
Category : Others
Published by Jimmy Tang on Tuesday, 25th March, 2003
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Welcome to Paleozoic Park... Not Quite

Now, you may ask, what has an ancient creature like a Trilobite has to do with hardware? Well, before we begin looking at the modern day Trilobite, let's open up our fossil textbook for a short trip down the Paleozoic Era to understand what a real Trilobite is.

Trilobites existed between 250 to 560 million years ago, even before the dinosaurs existed. These are hard-shelled, segmented creatures that roamed the Earth's ancient seas and are one of the most studied creatures of the Paleozoic era. These antropods are believed to be creatures that feed on the ocean beds for small animals and particles - very much like what some of today's bottom feeders do.

Now, you probably know what we're getting at by now. Since these creatures feed on the ocean floors, they are literally the ancient natural vacuum cleaners. And what better way for Electrolux to build and name the modern day vaccum cleaner, the Trilobite.

Click me!! The Arctinurus boltoni Trilobite. This is an example of the many fossils of Trilobite unearthed by paleontologists. Source :

Hey, wait a minute? What's the big deal about vacuum cleaners and hardware? What has it got to do with technology? Are you guys nuts? Well, not quite. We know good technology when we see one and the new Electrolux Trilobite is hardly comparable with any of today's chunky vacuum cleaners out there in the market. We're talking about one lean machine that does the work for you while you enjoy a glass of lemonade out in the yard. Now that's what the phrase, "putting technology to good use" really means.

A new species of Trilobite has evolved - scientifically known as the Electrolux.

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