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ECS Aio A950 - the Athlon-based LCD PC
By Aaron Yip
Category : Others
Published by Jimmy Tang on Thursday, 19th December, 2002
Rating : 4.5 out of 5 stars  


If space isn't a luxury in your home or room, it would be hard to disagree that one of the most common way of reducing the computer desktop space is to settle for an LCD as opposed to a bulkier CRT monitor. What about the CPU casing itself? Well, you can either settle for one of those Dell or HP slim form-factor systems or even a Shuttle XPC bare-bone system.

Or then again, you can also consider the new Aio A950 that's based on the SiS 740 chipset that supports AMD Athlon/Duron processors. Coming from the same people who gave us the popular DeskNote series of notebooks, ECS have broken out of traditional motherboard manufacturing once again by coming out with yet another innovative concept. It's not a notebook this time round, but rather an All-in-One LCD PC aptly known as Aio A950. The concept of an all-in-one PC isn't new but the ECS Aio A950 is a highly integrated computer with a variety of specifications to satisfy your needs for word-processing, graphics design, Internet as well as casual gaming.

Instead of putting desktop parts into a notebook, the Aio A950 uses notebook-style miniaturization to create a one-piece machine that squeezes all the "guts" of the computer behind the LCD display. The whole system looks clean and modern, and makes a good, space-saving computer for the bedroom or lounge, or even to be used as a PC on the receptionist's desk. Let's take a look.

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