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Iomega Predator 40x12x40x
By Aaron Yip
Category : Optical Storage
Published by Jimmy Tang on Tuesday, 12th November, 2002
Rating : 4 out of 5 stars  


There are a couple of reasons for wanting to purchase an external CD-RW drive. Firstly, the biggest bane of a notebook is that it either comes with an internal CD-RW writer that's slow (as compared to their desktop cousins), or it doesn't come with one at all. Not that anyone who's always on the move will have critical needs for a writer anyway. But that's another story. Secondly, you happen to be one of those with all your casing's internal 5.25-inch bays used up, and you cannot afford to give up a space for an internal CD-RW drive.

So if you're someone with any of the above reasons, there are really little choices available except to opt for an external writer. For notebook users, you'll also want one that is easily portable as well. Today we'll take a look at one such drive from Iomega, and see just how it fares.

The Predator series is Iomega's line of portable CD-RW drives. It's not the ultra-slim type of writers, but they are always in tune with the latest CD-RW terminologies in the market. The new Predator here is in fact a 40x-write, 12x-rewrite and 40x-read CD-RW drive. Let's see the specifications below for more information.

Technical Specifications
  • USB 2.0 / 1.1
Data Capacity
  • 700MB (80 min. disc)
  • 650MB (74 min. disc)
Writing Speed (CD-R)
  • 40x (P-CAV) : 6000 KB/s
  • 32x (P-CAV): 4800 KB/s
  • 24x (P-CAV): 3600 KB/s
  • 20x (CLV) : 3000 KB/s
  • 16x: 2400 KB/s
  • 12x: 1800 KB/s
  • 8x: 1200 KB/s
  • 4x: 600KB/s
Writing Speed (CD-RW)
  • 12x: 1800 KB/s
  • 10x: 1500 KB/s
  • 8x: 1200 KB/s
  • 4x: 600 KB/s
Reading Speed
  • 40x max.
Data Buffer
  • 2MB with SMART-BURN Buffer-Underrun Protection 
Writing Methods
  • Disc at Once
  • Track at Once
  • Session at Once
  • Packet Writing
  • Multisession
  • Mount Rainier
Supported Write/Read Formats
  • CD-DA
  • CD-ROM
  • PhotoCD
  • VideoCD
  • Super VideoCD
  • CD-I
  • CD-Extra
  • CD Text

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