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Nike-Philips psa[duro Stereo Headphones
By Robin Ang
Category : Sound
Published by Jimmy Tang on Thursday, 12th December, 2002
Rating : 4 out of 5 stars  

Blue Urethane Stereo Headphones

If you have read our review on the psa[cd8 and the psa[cd12, then you would be very familiar with the sports themed urethane rubber look that Nike and Philips have been aiming for, in their new range of digital audio players.

With every purchase, they bundled a rather simple pair of stereo headphones (psa[flight). However, those who crave for a better aural experience or contemplating a new set of stereo headphones, might want to consider the psa[duro, which promises to deliver better frequency range and bass/treble response.

Is there a good enough justification for purchasing another set of headphones when the existing one works fine? Does the psa[duro stereo headphones wear well and look good? Would you buy it if you have not already purchased any Nike-Philips psa products?

This and many other questions will be answered in the course of this review.

Specifications for the psa[duro stereo headphones
Type Dynamic
Acoustic System Open
Magnet Circuit Neodymium
Voice Coil Copper
Speaker Size 30 mm
Frequency Range 10 - 24,000 Hz
Impedance Speaker Element 32 ohm
Senstivity 106 dB
Maximum Power Input 100 mW
Type of Connector 3.5 mm stereo
Finishing of Connector Gold-Plated
Length of Cord 1.2 meter
Type of Cord ofc
Cord Connections Rear type
  • Type of Material: ABS, PP, PU
  • Weight: 55 g
  • Product Dimensions (mm): 137W x 54H x 135D

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