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Lian Li PC-6089A Aluminum Casing
By Vijay Anand
Category : Casings And Coolers
Published by Jimmy Tang on Thursday, 7th November, 2002
Rating : 4 out of 5 stars  


The Apple’s iMac has revolutionized the way people perceive how personal computer should appear in all idealness. The shift from big bold beige boxes giving way to casings with sexier looks and colour schemes matching your home A/V equipment is pretty evident if you gaze into PC marts that house a wide variety of branded personal computers.

In the DIY-scene, casing designs came under heavy influence of the style adopted by branded PCs. However the initial casings trying to mimic those of the branded PCs, including the iMac, looked pretty much in vain. Only in the past year have we begun to see respectable looking casings for DIY systems that were also affordable for anybody.

For people who had the dough to flaunt their casings, there have been the exorbitantly priced Cooler Master casings made entirely from aluminum, carrying price tags of $500 on average and could cost more in countries like Australia. No sooner than Cooler Master gained a comfortable foothold in the high-end casings sector, Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd’s aluminum casings began to flood the retail shops with the aid of good marketing on Lian Li’s part to casual end-users. The best part of which is their pricing that undercuts Cooler Master by up to 1/3 and yet offers the same sort of build and features.

Just couple of months back, the Cooler Master line-up introduced the ATCS-210 series that offered thick coloured acrylic panels to titivate the frontal aspect of the casing to portray a lifestyle-like gadget appearance. Then again, the price tag is enough to upgrade 50% of your PC internals! Once again, we have Lian-Li to the rescue with their PC-6087A and PC-6089A, of which the latter model is the one that arrived in our lab. The PC-6087A has a green tint to its acrylic panel and the PC-6089A has its panel tinted in blue. Lets begin a tour of the casing.

The Lian Li PC-6089A aluminium casing.

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