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Nike-Philips Portable Sport Audio Launch
By CPU-zilla
Category : Sound
Published by Jimmy Tang on Wednesday, 9th October, 2002

Audio for Sportsmen

Philips and Nike today showed everyone the fruits of their partnership by unveiling a whole range of portable audio players for the active consumer. Specifically created for those who spends a large amount of time in sports, these players are designed to be worn comfortably during sporting and fitness activities. The products include solid-state MP3 players, MP3-CD players, FM radio and active headphones.

"Understanding that ergonomics, usability and portability are important to an athlete, these new products were created to inspire, motivate and enhance the athletic experience. The Nike partnership allows us to demonstrate our expertise in electronics and develop a new category of products and apparel that are ideal for athletics and include the latest technologies," said Alan Sparks, Senior Vice President, Philips Consumer Electronics Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

Building from Philips' vast knowledge of portable audio player technology, Philips and Nike managed to build a range of cool-looking products incorporating Philips' audio technology encased in Nike's unique sporty design. The players are small and lightweight and it's built with stainless steel - making them resistant to corrosion. The controls are made of rubber and this makes them very easy to grip and at the same time, preventing perspiration and keeping moisture away from the sensitive electionics within.

All the products displayed at the launch.

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