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Sony VAIO PCG-GRX3P Preview
By Aaron Yip
Category : Notebooks/Laptops
Published by Jimmy Tang on Wednesday, 4th September, 2002

The New VAIO

Coming from the same people who gave the world the first Walkman, Sony have never failed to wow us when it comes to making technology innovations fashionable. Let's take their VAIO notebooks for example. The VAIO range of notebooks are pretty well-known for their stylish built and multimedia features, to give them that little X-Factor edge above the rest. Sony have never made their VAIO to be the fastest notebooks around (of course they do try), but talk about the best-looking notebook in town and it's hard to not see a VAIO top the list.

Sony Singapore recently announced the launch of its new flagship VAIO notebook, the PCG-GRX3P, and we got the opportunity to do a first-hand preview on it. The GRX3P is undoubtly the largest VAIO notebook by Sony to date, with it being the first VAIO to incorporate a massive 16.1 inch viewable UXGA screen. It is also the first VAIO to incorporate the new Mobile Intel Pentium 4 processor. According to a Sony press release, the GRX3P is designed to be a desktop-replacement class notebook, and is targeted at executives looking to play hard and work hard.

We do not have the official specifications on the GRX3P yet, but based on what we know and have found out so far, this VAIO uses an Intel 845MP chipset, an ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 32MB graphics accelerator, a UXGA (1600x1200) TFT LCD color display and a CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive. This particular GRX3P model in our lab also comes complete with 512MB DDR-SDRAM, a 40GB hard drive and a Mobile Pentium 4 1.6GHz-M processor.

By way of connectivity options, Sony has incorporated some of the usual suspects including: an i.LINK connection, MagicGate Memory Stick slot, USB, Network Port, and internal modem. Our GRX3P preview unit came installed with Windows XP Professional Edition and a myriad of video and audio software. If you thought all these hardware setup would have the VAIO GRX3P weigh you down literally, well at just 3.6Kg, we hardly think so. At least not for a desktop-replacement notebook with a 16.1 inch LCD.

Most VAIO owners we know carries their notebook without a bag. And it's not hard to see why.

A full view of the Sony VAIO GRX3P in all its glory.

Let's head over to the next couple of pages, where we show you the hardware features of the VAIO GRX3P.

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