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TDK CyClone 48x24x48x Internal CDRW
By Aaron Yip
Category : Optical Storage
Published by Jimmy Tang on Thursday, 18th July, 2002
Rating : 5 out of 5 stars  


Writing speed in CD-RW drives have increased leaps and bounds and it was only last year this time when 24x-writing drives surfaced, and with that, we also came to know about the Z-CLV and P-CAV writing technologies that were used in such high-speed re-writable drives to attain 20x and above writing speed. While most vendors concentrated on making drives with faster CD-R writing speed since last year (24x, 32x, 40x and 48x), the re-writable aspect of a CD-RW drive seems to have been neglected by most of them and it was only recently where drives that supports 12x CD-RW media have surfaced.

The 48x24x48x marking on the CyClone's faceplate.

As we begin to embrace ourselves in the next wave of 48x CD-RW drives, we do know that 48x burners will support 12x CD-RW media and some vendors have even featured 16x CD-RW media support for their 48x drives. But TDK seems to have jumped the gun in this industry with the announcement of their 48x24x48x CD-RW drive. Let's take a look at the specifications of this drive.

A closer look at the drive's rear end.

TDK CyClone 48x24x48x Technical Specifications
  • ATAPI / E-IDE UltraDMA/33
Data Capacity
  • 700MB (80 min. disc)
  • 650MB (74 min. disc)
  • 210MB (24 min. disc)
Writing Speed (CD-R)
  • 48x (CAV) : 7200 KB/s
  • 40x (P-CAV) : 6000 KB/s
  • 32x (P-CAV) : 4800 KB/s
  • 24x (P-CAV) : 3600 KB/s
  • 16x (CLV) : 2400 KB/s
  • 12x (CLV) : 1800 KB/s
  • 8x (CLV) : 1200 KB/s
  • 4x (CLV) : 600 KB/s
Writing Speed (CD-RW)
  • 24x: 3600 KB/s
  • 16x: 2400 KB/s
  • 12x: 1800 KB/s
  • 10x: 1500 KB/s
  • 8x: 1200 KB/s
  • 4x: 600 KB/s
  • 2x: 300 KB/s
Reading Speed
  • 48x max.
  • 48x max. (digital audio extraction)
Access Time
  • 80 ms
Data Buffer
  • 2MB with SMART-BURN Buffer Underrun Protection
Writing Methods
  • Disc at Once
  • Track at Once
  • Session at Once
  • Packet Writing
  • Multisession
  • Mount-Rainier (Not stated in the official specifications)
Supported Write/Read Formats
  • CD-DA
  • CD-ROM
  • PhotoCD
  • VideoCD
  • Super VideoCD
  • CD-I
  • CD-Extra
  • CD Text

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