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TDK CyClone 40x12x48x CD-R/RW
By CPU-zilla
Category : Optical Storage
Published by Jimmy Tang on Friday, 17th May, 2002
Rating : 5 out of 5 stars  
Price : SGD189


TDK is set to release another round of fierce cyclone with its 40x CD-R writer. Based very much on the similar design as their 32x sibling, the new TDK CyClone drive boasts of a 40x writing speed on CD-R discs and 12x re-writing speed on erasable CD-RW discs. As a standalone CD-ROM drive, the CyClone is capable of reading discs at up to 48x speed.

The TDK CyClone comes in a rather attractive design with a cool sleek blue CD tray that sets it apart from all the other writers out there. The internal drive installs itself into any PC through a typical IDE port. In the box, you'll also find a software disc (which includes Nero 5.5, InCD 2 and TDK Digital MixMaster), an 80-minute 12x CD-RW disc, an 80-minute 40x CD-R disc, an IDE cable, a CD-R pen, an internal audio cable, some screws, an emergency eject pin and manuals. The TDK CyClone certainly attracts the typical user with its vast range of bundled goodies and we must say that it's a pretty complete package.

Some of the items you'll find in the TDK CyClone 40x12x48x package. Includes a CD-R pen too.

Click me!! The TDK MixMaster. Click for a larger view.

The specifications are as shown below :-

TDK CyClone 40x12x48x Technical Specifications
  • ATAPI / E-IDE UltraDMA/33
Data Capacity
  • 700MB (80 min. disc)
  • 650MB (74 min. disc)
  • 185MB (21 min. disc)
Writing Speed (CD-R)
  • 40x (ZCLV) : 6000 KB/s
  • 32x (ZCLV): 4800 KB/s
  • 20x (CLV) : 3000 KB/s
  • 16x: 2400 KB/s
  • 12x: 1800 KB/s
  • 8x: 1200 KB/s
Writing Speed (CD-RW)
  • 12x: 1800 KB/s
  • 10x: 1500 KB/s
  • 8x: 1200 KB/s
  • 4x: 600 KB/s
  • 2x: 300 KB/s
Reading Speed
  • 48x max.
  • 40x max. (digital audio extraction)
Access Time
  • 80 ms
Data Buffer
  • 2MB with Buffer Underrun Protection
Writing Methods
  • Disc at Once
  • Track at Once
  • Session at Once
  • Packet Writing
  • Multisession
Supported Write/Read Formats
  • CD-DA
  • CD-ROM
  • PhotoCD
  • VideoCD
  • Super VideoCD
  • CD-I
  • CD-Extra
  • CD Text

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