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Matrox Parhelia-512 : The Technology
By CPU-zilla
Category : Graphics
Published by Jimmy Tang on Tuesday, 14th May, 2002

The Matrox Comeback

I remember some time back when Matrox launched the G550, I was pretty disappointed at the product as it was not a gamer's card at all. Although it carried a higher model number, the G550 was nothing more than just a souped up G400. In fact, many have tested the G550 to be less superior to the G400 Max. Still, we gave Matrox a pat on the back for coming out with a pretty good product for office and Internet use. You've got to give them the credit for coming out with the DualHead display technology which until today, is still quite difficult for others to beat.

When I asked Matrox at the launch of the G550, I was told that they were already working on a killer, but no specifics were given. I asked how good was this next killer and all I got was a smile. We know Matrox was good, but I didn't expect them to come out with anything that's as radical as the Parhelia.

So, what can the Parhelia offer? There are certainly lots of rumors going around the web and some of you might have seen photos of demonstrations sneaked out from one of those Parhelia demos that Matrox have been doing this couple of weeks. We're pretty glad that Matrox gave us a preview of the Parhelia in a closed door session just last week.

Since Matrox is still pretty much involved in fine tuning the product before mass production, what we saw at the announcement was pretty much the final product. It was a full working demo and boy, we were awed by its performance. Not only that its performance was good, the card showed a lot of potential - in terms of its technology and usability.

So, are you ready to find out more about the next biggest thing that will hit the gaming market? If you are, go on to the next page and be amazed at the list of features.

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