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Iwill XP333-R motherboard
By CPU-zilla
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Published by Jimmy Tang on Wednesday, 3rd April, 2002
Rating : 3.5 out of 5 stars  


When you think of DDR333 support on the AMD Athlon, the first board that comes to mind has got to be the Iwill XP333-R. One of the first manufacturers to roll out DDR333 support for the AMD Athlon platform, the Iwill XP333-R is based on the souped-up version of the ALiMAGiK1 chipset. Now running at a higher memory frequency, it frees up more bandwidth for the performance hungry user from 2.1GB/s (DDR266) to 2.7GB/s (DDR333). But does it really maximize the performance of the DDR333 technology?

We saw how the new VIA KT333 soared in performance a few articles ago and we thought it would be swell to bring the ALi's version of their DDR333 chipset for a neck to neck performance comparison. Basically, the Iwill XP333-R is a full featured ATX board that comes with all the tweaks and options you'll come to expect of an Iwill board. Also boasting ATA133 native support via its south bridge and IDE RAID controller, the Iwill XP333-R is actually a board way ahead of its time since its launch.

The board comes nicely packaged in a translucent plastic shell that houses the motherboard, a printed manual, a CD-ROM containing utilities and drivers, two 80-conductor IDE cables, a floppy drive cable and an audio bracket (with cable) for extending on-board sound to 6-channels.

The motherboard specifications are as below :-

Iwill XP333-R Motherboard Specifications
  • Socket A for AMD Athlon XP, Athlon & Duron processors
  • Supports 266/200MHz FSB
  • AMD Athlon XP 1400+ to 1900+ and higher
  • AMD Athlon CPU from 700MHz to 1.4GHz and higher
  • AMD Duron CPU from 600MHz to 1.0GHz and higher
  • ALi MAGiK 1 chipset (C version) - ALi M1647 (North Bridge)
    • Supports 200 / 266MHz Front Side Bus
    • AGP 2x / 4x
    • Supports PC1600/ 2100/ 2700 DDR SDRAM
  • ALi M1535D+ (South Bridge)
    • Dual Bus Master IDE Ultra DMA 33/66/100/133
    • Supports PCI 2.2
    • ACPI
Cache memory
  • CPU Built-in 64KB (Duron) or 256KB (Athlon/Athlon XP) L2 cache
System memory
  • 3 x 184-pin 2.5V PC1600/2100/2700 DDR SDRAM DIMM
  • Supports up to a maximum of 3GB of memory 
  • Supports 184-pin unbuffered DIMMs
  • 2x PCI Bus Master UDMA/100 IDE ports (up to 4 devices)
    • Support for PIO Mode 0-4, UDMA/33, UDMA/66, UDMA/100, UDMA/133 IDE & ATAPI CD-ROM
  • 2x ATA 133 RAID 0,1 with HighPoint HPT372 IDE controller 
I/O Interface
  • 1x floppy port (360KB - 2.88MB)
  • 2x serial ports
  • 1x parallel port (SPP/EPP/ECP)
  • 1x PS/2 Keyboard
  • 1x PS/2 Mouse
  • 4x USB ports (two connectors as header onboard)
  • 1 IrDA connector for SIR/FIR/CIR interface
  • 1x Midi/Game port
  • Audio ports for on-board sound (Line-Out, Line-In, Mic)
  • 1x SMBus Header
Expansion slots
  • 5x 32-bit PCI slots, PCI 2.2 compliant
  • 1x AGP (2x/4x mode) slot
Power Management
  • Power on by LAN, Modem, PS2 keyboard/mouse and switch
  • Power off by Windows shut down & Soft-Power switch
  • Supports ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface)
Form Factor
  • ATX Form Factor : 30.5 cm (L) x 24.4 cm (W) x 4 layers
  • Fits into regular ATX case
  • 2 Mbit (256KB) EEPROM with flash protection
  • Award flash BIOS with PC99, PnP, ACPI 1.0, APM 1.2 and DMI 2.1 support
  • Multi-boot on LS-120, ZIP, ATAPI CD-ROM, LAN, IDE #1, #2, #3, #4

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