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Dual Athlon XP or Duron : Did It Work?
By CPU-zilla
Category : CPU
Published by Jimmy Tang on Tuesday, 19th March, 2002

Myth or Fact?

Well, there were skeptics all over - some claimed it would not run, while others said it would just POST and do nothing else. We took it a step further with our newfound wonders and survived to tell you the story - plus some hard results too.

Modifying the CPU was simple, getting them to actually work was even simpler. We did nothing else after the modification but installed Windows 2000 Professional and got it to start running benchmarks. At first, we had a few problems with heat being the major stumbling block. Running two Athlon XP CPUs side by side is no small matter as heat can easily cause instability. So, our advise is to get yourselves a good pair of powerful coolers - something based on copper with a large 7000RPM fan would be sweet. You will have to endure the noise though. But once you get the two CPUs installed and running cool, getting the K7D Master to work for you would just be limited by your imagination.

So here is what H-Oda's latest WCPUID would show with either dual Athlon XP or Duron.

Click me!! AMD Duron MP 1.20GHz? Wow... never heard of that one before. Click to see the full screen capture.

Click me!! Strangely, the Athlon XP 2000+ is recognised at an Athlon MP 2000+ in WCPUID 3.0f. Click for the full screen capture.

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