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Everglide Gaming Mat
By CPU-zilla
Category : Others
Published by Jimmy Tang on Wednesday, 6th March, 2002
Rating : 4 out of 5 stars  

Equipping Yourself for Battle

You just spent a fortune on the fastest Pentium 4 or Athlon XP processor, loaded it up with 512MB of the fastest memory you can find, installed it with the latest GeForce4 Ti 4600 graphic card and got yourself a 19-inch flat-screen monitor. Since you know you're going to make it an ultimate gaming machine, you got yourself the latest optical mouse with dual optical sensors (if Boomslang was still around, that would be my choice) for all the accuracy and response you needed. You powered up your system and was ready to impress your guests with a quick game of Return to Castle Wolfenstein in your new 5.1-channel DTS-ready speaker system. Everyone held their breath as the game loaded and once you entered the battle field, you were gunned down like a rat. Well, so much for showing off your gaming skills on a state-of-the-art system equipped with a cheesy mouse pad you picked up free from some used car salesman in your neighbourhood.

Although the chances of that happening may be slimmer than Slim Shady, the fact that you're mistreating your mouse with cheap mouse pads will not only damage your fragile ego, but it will also potentially reduce your gaming experience. It's sad that the mouse pad still remains to be the only product that users overlook while shopping for a new system. However, that is fast changing with gamers demanding the best mouse pad that their money can buy. After all, a good mouse pad will cost you only a tiny fraction of your new 'super' gaming system.

Well, Everglide has been in the business of making gaming mouse pads for a while and they are here to tell you that it's something that you should look hard and consider thoroughly before purchasing a pad that will ultimately decide your gaming success.

An impressive looking gaming mat for RPG gamers. But where's the blood and gore?

The gaming mat which Everglide sent us was based on the Celtic Arms design. They have several other designs (five of them in total) for users who prefer other themes.

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