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New Memory from TwinMOS
By CPU-zilla
Category : Memory
Published by Jimmy Tang on Thursday, 28th February, 2002


Increasing your system memory seems to be the cheapest form of upgrade especially when prices of memory were at an all time low a few months back. Although prices have soared, the cost of upgrading your system with more memory is still relatively affordable today. For those getting new systems or planning to upgrade to faster RAM, this is probably the best time to do so now, as prices are expected to go up in the coming weeks.

Recently, Hardware Zone received some new memory parts from TwinMOS. One of them was meant for the notebook, and the other was none other than the new PC2700 memory standard used in most DDR333-based motherboards (VIA KT333 and SiS 645). Of course, if you intend to do overclocking on your current DDR266 boards, the PC2700 DDR SDRAM would come in handy as well.

It's Hard to Test Memory

Instead of testing and benchmarking the memory, we felt that it would seem pretty meaningless since most memory modules would have more or less similar performance. In fact, most memory performance issues were caused by the motherboard's memory subsystem, and seldom the cause of the memory modules at all. Thus, we will not run any tests but instead, we'll introduce these new products for your reference and knowledge.

Of course we can run some overclocking tests, but again, overclocking is so subjective. The difference in quality is just too much to make any consistent claims about certain RAMs being overclockable. Remember, a single piece of memory module can contain as much as 16 pieces of RAM chips, and when you overclock, you have to overclock all 16 pieces of them. Now, getting them to run consistently and reliably can be tough. Therefore, we feel that it is wrong to claim which brand of memory module can overclock better as we have no intention to mislead buyers. Furthermore, we all know very well that memory module manufacturers do not stick to only one memory vendor. Perhaps in the future, we could look into the performance of specific memory chips rather than just the brand itself.

Now with all that said and done, let's take a look at what TwinMOS have to offer us.

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