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Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty
By TechToyer
Category : Games
Published by TechToyer on Friday, 18th January, 2002
Rating : 4 out of 5 stars  

Ah hoy there mate, how are you doing? Lost I see? Well, fear not, for I, Lukechstein the Third, will take you on a journey of self-discovery and self-indulgence. What do I mean? Aye, well, follow me here, yes, take my hooked hand, and I'll show you what this is all about.

Do you know where you are? No? Oh my, we're in the world of Dereth, near the town of Shoushi to be exact and you're an Isparian. An Isparian is a human being summoned from the distant world of Ispar to Dereth to help the locals defend against the Olthoi, or so the history goes. The Olthoi are insect-like beasts that burrow underground and are part of the Shadow. They came through portals accidentally opened by the great Wizard Asheron, who then called upon the might of The Sundering to bring his own people to safety. In his efforts, he opened other portals that eventually led to the world of Ispar. This is where you come in.

Click me!! "You have to journey to the Well of Lost Souls there my friend. Use your Running skill, I besiege you, for you will face Killer Tornadoes so powerful and strong, that they can actually rip the Calvin Klein underwear out of your Chainmail Girth."

Now that the Olthoi have been driven back and the Shadows of Bael'Zharon are defeated, the world of Dereth is at peace again. The portals to Ispar remain so humans are streaming into Dereth in large numbers nowadays. But I can see that you're looking for something else. Ah, you're looking for an adventure I see.

Click me!! "I came to file a complaint. Your so-called one-of-a-kind Olive Brewed Ale actually gave me diarrhoea! And now my grandfather's heirloom chainmail armor is soiled!!!"

Click me!! To many villagers, the Blue Crystal on top of Winter-rain Mountain holds the answer to many questions. Little Johnny just wanted the rain to go away.

Anyway, before we get into that, let me briefly explain what this whole Asheron's Call is all about (especially if you're a newbie). If you've been hiding under rocks for awhile now, Asheron's Call, or AC, is a Massively Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game, or MMORPG. There are plenty out there now, such as Ultima Online (ah bet you've heard of that one), EverQuest, Anarchy Online and Lineage. Upcoming ones include Dark Age of Camelot, World of WarCraft, PlanetSide, Motor City Online and many, many more.

AC has been around for sometime now but you've been called here for another reason I see. You're here because you want to see what Dark Majesty is all about eh? You want to explore the new island northerly west of Dereth called Marae Lassel right? Ah, I'll take you there. Of course I will. First thing's first though, Dark Majesty includes the full version of Asheron's Call, so you do not need to look high and low for the originally released Asheron's Call. Dark Majesty contains both the original and the expanded version.

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