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Macworld 2009 Highlights
By Vijay Anand
Category : Events
Published by Vijay Anand on Wednesday, 7th January, 2009

This article is contributed by David Chieng.

A Subdued Affair

So it's the officially the last time that Apple will be showing up at the annual Macworld expo, and while Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, did an admirable job of filling in for his conspicuously absent maverick CEO, Steve Jobs, the whole affair was rather sombre and subdued, an event made even more so given the relatively low-key announcements as compared to previous bombshells launched towards the Mac faithful in Macworlds of years past.

Welcome to Macworld 2009!

Last year's Macworld saw the introduction of the Macbook Air, which also saw sales of manila envelopes skyrocket all over the world. The year before that, Apple took aim at the mobile phone industry with the iPhone; today the iPhone remains the current gold standard in mobile phone innovation; a feat made even more amazing considering that Apple has had no previous experience whatsoever in the mobile communications space.

Forget 'and another thing', Phil announces just three things this year.

This year however, Phil took the stage in place of Steve to announce iLife '09, iWork '09 and... (wait for it)… the 17-inch MacBook Pro. Cue hushed (and disappointed) groans from the crowd, and a smattering of clapping hands in the keynote hall. While the applause from the crowd was polite, it was nowhere as raucous as when Steve announced the MacBook Air and the iPhone in previous years. Even the excited whoops from the obvious hardcore Mac-heads in the crowd were far and few in between.

Nevertheless, just about all the major rumors circulating on the WWW prior to the show proper were shot down. Nowhere in sight were the rumored Mac Pro powered by Intel's Nehalem, nor a spanking new Mac Mini, one of Apple's products sorely due an upgrade. Nowhere in sight was the iPhone Nano, a rumor which seemed to gain credibility when Vaja Cases added a link to their site describing a future case for a so-called iPhone nano (the link's long since been removed, but the web page can still be seen at ).

Anyhow, do follow us through the next couple of pages as we give you the low-down on Apple's announcements for Macworld 2009.

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