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ExcelStor GStor Plus GP1080
By CPU-zilla
Category : Storage
Published by Jimmy Tang on Wednesday, 28th December, 2005
Rating : 4 out of 5 stars   (Most Innovative Product Award)


The new ExcelStor GStor Plus hard disk drive may look like just another storage product on the retail shelves, but its built-in features would, in many ways, be very attractive to even an average user. Essentially, the firmware of the drive has built-in capabilities that allows a user to configure multi-boot partitions, set hardware security encryption and even create a roll-back restore feature.

Although these features may seem unimportant to most, but if you stop to think about the various threats PC users face today, it may seem like a good idea to have them found in the hard drive. Now, the next question one would generally ask is, "How do these directly benefit me, an average user?"

Now, think about a situation at home, where your PC is frequently shared between you and your family members. Most users hate the thought of sharing the PC simply because it is a pain to undo the mess that your siblings may have inflicted upon the operating system. You do not know what applications were installed, or files that were accidentally deleted, or even worse, it may have picked up trojans, worms or viruses from the Internet. Sure, you may blame Microsoft's shabby Windows operating system, but there's little an average user can do to repair the damages except to reinstall everything and start anew. Sounds familiar?

How about the corporate environment where you, as an Executive Director or CEO, needs to have his PC replaced. Now, you don't want your sensitive documents left in the hard disk and although you might have emptied the trash can, you know that the documents are still found in the hard disk. You want your system protected and your data encrypted. How do you do that? How do you ensure that in your absence, no one could remove your hard disk and steal your data without your knowledge? Sounds familiar again?

Or, say you're a system administrator and you're tasked to install a server operating system with critical server applications. You're unsure of the correct procedures and you want to experiment with several installation methods and maybe even try out a couple of new applications which your peers suggested. But you know that once you make a mistake, you have to start again with a freshly installed operating system. As such, your boss tells you to image the hard drive at every step but it's going to take you a lot of time to backup your hard drive at every step. You feel it's a miserable task but you know that it's the right way to approach the problem. Sounds like a typical problem?

If you think about the scenarios above, you'll immediately recall experiencing either one or all of the situations above at one time or another. Now, wouldn't it be good if there's a device that could tackle all of the above problems? Well, thank the heavens above that there's such a solution today.

The ExcelStor GStor Plus GP1080 hard disk drive with encryption and instant backup rollback features.

Before we proceed further, here's the technical specifications of the drive:-

ExcelStor GStor Plus GP1080 Technical Specifications
Model No. GP1080
Interface Ultra ATA-133
Capacity 80 Gigabytes
Rotational Speed 7200RPM
Buffer 2MB

The drive utilizes a Samsung SDRAM 16Mbit chip as its buffer. This effectively gives the drive up to 2MB of buffer.

Model No. & Features
Model No. Boot Function Package
GP1080-E231 3 (multi boot) Restore & Encryption Retail Box
GP1080-E232 3 (multi boot) Restore & Encryption No Retail Box

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