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MSI Factory Tour at Kunshan
By CPU-zilla
Category : Events
Published by Jimmy Tang on Monday, 21st November, 2005

MSI's Manufacturing Facilities

MSI recently invited Hardware Zone to China to visit one of their modern manufacturing facilities located about 100km away from Shanghai. Situated in the suburbs known as Kunshan, the manufacturing facility boasts of a total land space of about 500,000 square meters. Although not a well known city (at least to the outside world), Kunshan is reputed for its long history and rich cultural heritage which has spanned over 2,400 years.

MSI's manufacturing facility was established just slightly more than three years ago in May 2002 with a registered capital of about US$36 million and a total investment captial of nearly US$90 million. Today, the facility houses 4,580 employees and it mainly manufactures the bulk of MSI's motherboards, notebooks and consumer electronic devices.

The entire land area is split into different sections with four main manufacturing facilities covering a total area of about 138,000 square meters and an R&D center taking up 34,000 square meters. In order to ensure its factory workers (which does not necessarily have a home in Kunshan since they come from all over China) have a home near the factory, MSI has set apart 100,000 square meters of area for dormitories and entertainment for its employees. All of these hardly use up all of the land area and there are still about 230,000 square meters of land remaining for further expansion.

One of the factory buildings at Kunshan.

Dormitories for the factory workers.

All work and no play makes MSI employees dull. A large field was allocated for recreational purposes.

MSI's R&D Center at Kunshan.

Although MSI houses an R&D facility at Kunshan, we were told that this is but one of many research and development groups in MSI. In order to keep the manufacturing line running smooth in Kunshan, the role of Kunshan's R&D center was to ensure that all new products were mass produced in a timely fashion and in order to do so, would need the support of engineers - about 400 engineers in total. According to MSI, its main R&D team is still located in Taiwan, where most of the award winning products are conceptualized and developed there.

The reception area at MSI's Kunshan factory.

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