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Radeon X700 vs GeForce 6600 Comparison (AGP & PCIe)
By Vincent Chang
Category : Graphics
Published by Jimmy Tang on Wednesday, 21st September, 2005

Results - FarCry 1.1 (DirectX 9 Benchmark)

AGP 8x Results

The Radeon X700 and GeForce 6600 could only cope with this graphically intensive game at 800x600. Anything higher and you would start getting the slide show feeling unless you tone down the anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering. Overall, the GeForce 6600 and Radeon X700 swapped positions twice each, highlighting the close competition between them.

PCIe x16 Results

The PCIe results mirrored what we had observed for the AGP cards. The Radeon X700 and GeForce 6600 swapped pole positions but with the Radeon X700 having the lion's share.

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