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MSI K8N SLI Compatibility Issue Debunked
By CPU-zilla
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Published by Jimmy Tang on Friday, 1st July, 2005

The Problem

We got word from a few concerned readers about an installation issue with MSI's K8N Diamond and K8N SLI Platinum. Apparently two of the capacitors located beside the second PCI Express graphics slot were causing installation woes with the latest NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX graphics card. The capacitors, some claimed, were in the way of the graphics card's fan connector, making the motherboard unsuitable for SLI systems employing the aforementioned graphics card. While we don't think a lot of users will build new systems with two GeForce 7800 GTX graphics cards, we went ahead to investigate if this issue was at all true.

The two capacitors located beside the second PCI Express graphics card.

No Solution Needed

So we dug out our K8N Diamond sample, plugged the card into the board and surprisingly, we had no problems getting the card installed in the first attempt. The fan connector actually sits right in between the two capacitors if properly installed. We think the issue is evident if users did not make the effort to move the capacitors out of the way while installing the graphics card. Since most capacitors do not sit tightly on the board, they can be easily tilted to make way for the fan connector. So, although it takes a little bit more effort to install the card, we think the reported incompatibility issue was rather misleading.

The fan connector sits in between the two capacitors and it didn’t seem to be an issue here.

Another view of the fan connector and the two capacitors. All you need to do is push the capacitors aside and the connector will slide in effortlessly.

This was the so-called "installation problem" that was reported.

Blown Out Of Proportion

While some of the reports and discussions circling around the web were blown out of proportion, we checked with MSI and they told us that they have already addressed this minor issue in their current crop of SLI motherboards. All of their boards manufactured after 20th June were employing smaller capacitors that would never obstruct the fan connector. In addition, we were told that their current K8N Diamond and K8N SLI Platinum stock found in their warehouse has also been reworked. Thus, users buying this board at the store today should have the newer revision and need not worry about compatibility, though the previous version would still be very much usable and would unlikely cause any mechanical or reliability issues.

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