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Computex Taipei 2005 - MSI Preview
By Zachary Chan
Category : Events
Published by Vijay Anand on Tuesday, 31st May, 2005

MSI Graphic Solutions

Want SLI performance but would rather save the space? Behind this monster of a cooling solution is actually dual GeForce 6800 Ultra's on the same PCB. The massive MSI NX6800Ultra Dual GPU graphics card is PCI Express based and also boasts 1GB DDR3 memory.

You've heard of an AGP card and you've heard of PCI Express. What you haven't heard of is MSI's Geminium-VIII, a RADEON X800XL card that has both interfaces on the same board for ultimate compatibility.

The MSI ADD2+ supports advanced TV tuner capabilities with the ATI RAGE Theater 550 processor. The card features a TV and FM receiver plus an MPEG2 hardware encoder. It is also HDTV ready.

The NX6600GT-TD256E used a large heatpipe enclosure with a hidden smart fan to keep noise to a minimum while still providing superior cooling to the GeForce 6600GT GPU. This model comes with 256MB RAM and is SLI enabled.

What you see here is the NX6800-T2D256DE. A vanilla GeForce 6800 that has embedded DDR3 memory onboard and features dual DVI output.

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