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The Return of Netscape - Firefox & Thunderbird
By Daniel Lim
Category : Others
Published by Vijay Anand on Saturday, 23rd April, 2005

Introducing Firefox

By now you would have heard of a new Internet browser and email client, Firefox and Thunderbird, through your friends who have been trying to convert you. The vast majority of Internet users are still using Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) thinking that it is the only official browser. The truth is, it isn't.

When the Internet revolution began, there were two popular browsers - IE and Netscape Navigator. They were a hot topic argued by the Internet community debating which browser is better on various aspects of comparison. Finally, after many years of browser war struggle, Netscape Navigator was toppled when IE 4.0 was launched. The fourth incarnation from Microsoft became a huge success because it loaded faster and the fact that it was pre-loaded on every Window-based PC made it more popular.

IE has ruled the browser war for eight long years (albeit with some pessimism and distrust on how it handles certain functions) when until recently, Firefox emerged. Firefox is an open source project based on Netscape Navigator, which has resurfaced under the Mozilla Foundation to challenge IE for the throne again. When Firefox version 1.0 was launched in November 2004, it stormed the Internet community with its goodness and has converted more than 46 million users in less than ½ a year. What is this phenomenon of Firefox and Thunderbird that is being preached by online cultists? If you haven't yet figured it out and would like to learn more about them, let us introduce these applications to you. Also, do look out for the Editor's choice of extensions later in this article as we highlight some of the 'Must-have' add-ons if you decide to join the Firefox craze.

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