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3GSM World Congress 2005
By John Chan
Category : Events
Published by Vijay Anand on Sunday, 20th February, 2005


Held every year, the 3GSM World Congress is a place where leaders of the communications industry meet up to discuss and formulate new strategies, make announcements that would define the near line direction of the communication sector as well as design win announcements with manufacturers. With all the major handset manufacturers also involved in this event, you can bet that the most interesting portion of the 3GSM World Congress to the consumers is the sneak-peek / release / display of new and upcoming products. This year, HardwareZone managed to attend this exciting event and we highlight some of the gadgets from various vendors that caught our attention in this pictorial walkthrough.

Motorola's Booth - Part 1

Posting strong 4th quarter results in 2004, Motorola took the number two spot in handsets shipped worldwide for the whole of 2004. Late last year, they wowed the world with their RAZR V3 and they look to do more of the same this year with quite a few more fashion phones announced here. 3G is also high on their priority list, with a few more 3G handsets announced that are due to be launched at the end of 2005.

It was already known that the V3 was to be available in black for the Oscars. Motorola will now make it for the rest of the world; just don’t expect that you will be able to get it before the celebrities do.

The SLVR V8 is the candy bar version of the V3. Its super sleek design also allows for expandable memory, proving that small in size doesn't mean small in features.

The third and final design-oriented phone announced by Motorola is the PEBL V6 that has an oval design and an innovative hinge that helps with opening and closing the device.

The E1120 is a three-megapixel 3G camera phone. It is Motorola's highest-powered camera in a mobile phone yet, and will be available in Q4.

Those who liked the A1000 will love its update, the A1010, which is Motorola's second 3G offering here. A major improvement is the inclusion of a two-megapixel camera.

It isn't the iTunes phone that everyone has been waiting for, but the E1060 has a great speaker and will please those who want a music phone with 3G capabilities.

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