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Motorola MPx (Tri-band)
By Leo Andrew G. Alejandro
Category : Mobile Phones
Published by Vijay Anand on Sunday, 26th June, 2005
Rating : 4 out of 5 stars  

Introducing the Motorola MPx

Rolling the essence of different products into one stylish yet functional device is barely revolutionary in a period of time where convergence is the buzzword that's most commonly used. Though cliché, convergence is an indispensable route of progression and has set in motion the birth of numerous products citing convenience and a better lifestyle as bywords that coincidentally are commonly used catch phrases for marketing collaterals as well. Consumer electronics is probably the biggest category where the most illustrious instances of convergence can be found. That being said, one of the latest convergence boasting gadgets to cross our paths is the Motorola MPx.

Technical speaking, the MPx is a Windows powered smartphone housing a tri-band GSM radio, WiFi, Bluetooth, an onboard digital camera and a memory expansion slot. You would be right if you think the MPx is just another uninspiring smartphone to grace our lives, however, the form factor and usability are actually quite innovative. Before we tell you more about the phone in the following pages, here its specs to give you an overview of what it offers:-

Motorola MPx Specifications
  • 99.7 x 61.2 x 24 mm
  • Weight
  • 174 grams
  • Battery
  • Up to 180 minutes talk time
  • Up to 140 hours stand by time
  • Display
  • 2.8-inch QVGA dual-hinge landscape and portrait display (320 x 240) with 16-bit color TFT.
  • Features MOTOPro™ Innovation Platform:
  • Stylish form factor optimized for versatile use including phone, organizer and messaging.
  • Integrated 1.2-Megapixel camera with flash.
  • 2.8-inch 240 x 320 color touch TFT screen for easy data input that also works with a stylus.
  • Multi-function QWERTY keyboard with touch screen that also works with stylus for maximizing email experience.
  • Opens in portrait view for phone use, PDA applications and games.
  • Built- in Wi-Fi: embedded 802.11 wireless networking.
  • Familiar Microsoft Outlook® to view email attachments.
  • Integrated Bluetooth ® Wireless Technology
  • SD/MMC slot up to 1GB
  • Compatible with all Microsoft Pocket PC applications
  • WAP and HTML browsing, streaming video and audio
  • Multi-Media and Messaging Service (MMS) for sending photos, wallpaper, icons, ringtones and more.
  • Supports multiple applications including Word, Excel, JPEG, GIF, MPEG, MP3 etc.
  • IrDA (Infra red) and Built-in "Active-Sync" protocol to sync with Microsoft Outlook including email, address books, etc.
  • Connectivity
  • IrDa, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Wireless Technology
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