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Anatomy of Creative's Zen Micro Audio Player
By Justin Ong
Category : Sound
Published by Jimmy Tang on Monday, 13th December, 2004


In this installment, we'll take a break from our usual pace of product reviews and have a closer look at the recently reviewed Zen Micro audio player from Creative. By our definition of a closer look, we're actually talking about a complete and comprehensive disassembly of the Zen Micro and hopefully with this, we can all walk away with a better understanding on the anatomy of the impressive portable audio player. Through this detailed and documented article, we'll be able to satisfy the curiosity of not only ourselves, but also the group of consumers who isn't content with just using the Zen Micro as it is. Although we're absolutely confident about the audio performance of the player, we just feel that occasionally there's a need for us to move beyond our usual scope of product reviews. This step-by-step disassembly guide that we've put together is just one of many testaments to our collective passion and appreciation of quality hardware.

Since this guide involves disassembling your Zen Micro, we have to point out that the warranty of your Zen Micro would be considered null and void should the disassembly be carried out by non-certified personnel (yourself included). HardwareZone will not be held responsible in any way should you somehow end up with an inoperable unit either by misinterpretation of our article or in any actions of similar capacity.

All right, serious tone of disclaimer done and over with, let's get ourselves started with the guide proper then.

A cool black Zen Micro is the star for this disassembly guide.

You'll need to prepare a 1.4mm flathead screwdriver and a micro Phillips screwdriver. These are the only two tools you need for disassembling the Zen Micro.

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