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Philips 755 Tri-band Mobile Phone
By Justin Ong
Category : Mobile Phones
Published by Jimmy Tang on Friday, 10th December, 2004
Rating : 2.5 out of 5 stars  


When mobile phones first received an embedded digital camera, members of the industry and consumer group were skeptical of this novel implementation and were quick to discharge it as nothing more than a fad. Back then, pictures taken by these pioneering batches of cameraphones were fuzzy and incomprehensible due to the extremely low resolution of the embedded image sensor. At the same time, technologies on the operator end were just beginning to bloom but the charges for multimedia messaging were too high and out of reach for the targeted group of consumers. But even with these obstacles, the cameraphone fad eventually turned into a mainstream product. This maturity demonstrated by cameraphones underlines the importance of innovation regardless of the obstacles involved.

With us today is a fresh new approach to multimedia messaging (MMS) from Philips. The company's latest cameraphone, the 755 (along with its 550 and 759 models), allows stylus navigation via touchscreen and boasts a unique feature called "Tag-It". This function allows users to perform graffiti on pictures either taken by the onboard camera or received via MMS. All these on a cameraphone that uses nothing more than an ordinary mobile phone user interface. While the concept may not possess the same scale as what digital cameras did to mobile phones, it is hoped that the idea of personalizing pictures through the breezy input of stylus would ultimately catch on with consumers.

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