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TDK 8x DVD±R Media Report
By Justin Ong
Category : Optical Storage
Published by Jimmy Tang on Friday, 12th November, 2004


With everyone talking about 16x write speed and how much time one can save by making the switch from slower DVD writers to the latest generation of 16x variants, a point that hasn't been touched on and quite neglected is cost. In an ideal world, everything should perform at their peak specification and if cost isn't a factor, everyone would be writing and archiving precious data, photos and home made videos using the expensive but extremely fast 16x media. Sadly, cost does influence heavily on the buying power of consumers and where recordable media is concerned, the higher the recording speed of a given media, the more expensive it is.

Judging by the current usage models of consumers, the slower and cheaper 8x DVD±Rs and even 4x DVD±Rs are still the most sought after media, as these are extremely affordable and available in a wide variety of brands and designs. One such brand is TDK and for this media report that we've put together for your reading pleasure, media quality is what we're keen to study. Test subjects for this report are TDK's 8x DVD-R and 8x DVD+R media. 8x media are selected because they offer a decent write time and are easy on your wallet as well, making them a highly economical form of media for fast, frequent and heavy archiving.

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