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Computex 2004 Update (Part 7)
By Vijay Anand
Category : Events
Published by Jimmy Tang on Thursday, 10th June, 2004

AOpen's Booth

On this page, we show you a couple of new AOpen motherboards, graphics cards and optical drives, but they've a lot more new stuff that we've covered on the following page.

These are the AOpen i915Pa-EFRII and i915Ga-EFRII that are based on the i915P +ICH6R and the i915G + ICH6R respectively. Both boards share the same feature set that comprise of:- six SATA ports (ICH6R + Promise SATA controller), Broadcom PCIe Ethernet controller, one PCIe x16 slot, two PCIe x1 slots, three PCI slots, eight USB 2.0 ports, Firewire, 8-channel audio and double BIOS chips.

For those who don’t feel that compelled to spend more for the new platforms, AOpen has an i865G motherboard that accepts Socket T Prescott processors. This i865Ga-775ILFR (i865G + ICH5R) has two SATA ports, Gigabit LAN controller, eight USB 2.0 ports Firewire and 8-channel audio.

On the upper echelon of graphics cards, this is AOpen’s Aeolus GeForce 6800 Ultra. They even have a PCIe version ready and its known as the AOpen Aeolus PCX6800Ultra-DVD256. Both have 256MB DDR3 frame buffer.

On the 5th Generation GeForce series, we have the AOpen Aeolus PCX5900 (NVIDIA GeForce PCX5900 GPU optimized for PCIe x16) with 128MB local memory running on a 256-bit memory bus and supports dual DVI monitors.

The AOpen ESV-2890PRO is an extremely lightweight 8x Slim DVD Dual drive that works off an USB 2.0 interface. It supports the following write speeds: 8x DVD+R, 4x DVD+RW, 4x DVD-R and 2x DVD-RW. It has a 2MB internal buffer.

It even has interchangeable cover plates to suit your style and mood!

AOpen too has a 16x DVD Dual drive (EHU-1608U), albeit showcased here was an external version. Not much was revealed about it, but they did mention it supported the DVD+MRW format (somewhat similar to Microsoft’s Mt. Rainier support) and it has DVD+R DL recording capability.

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