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Computex 2004 Update (Part 8)
By CPU-zilla
Category : Events
Published by Jimmy Tang on Thursday, 10th June, 2004

Biostar's New iDEQ Mini PC

We spoke to Biostar and were introduced to their latest iDEQ mini PC barebone which in our opinion, had pretty good innovative ideas. We check out some of its features in the pictures below.

Biostar's upcoming mini PC barebone with pretty cool features.

When opened up, you can see that Biostar adopted the fan ducting method to cool the processor. This helped to reduce poor airflow due to cramped space within the PC.

Here's a closer look at the heatsink. It's a two-tier heatsink with copper fins below and aluminium fins above. There are actually heatpipes embedded within to help transfer heat to the aluminium fins.

The mini PC opens up like a car's hood and on the top portion, you can see the heatsink's fan as well as two hard disk drives. All cables have also been neatly routed to ease installation.

The Biostar iDEQ opened up. There are catches built into the casing to allow the top portion to stay opened.

Below the iDEQ, you'll find a removable window that allows you to install a mini-PCI wireless LAN card.

Here's another view of the hard disks and the fan.

To open the top portion, all you need is slide these plastic tabs to release the lock. It's that simple. Look ma! No screws!

The back portion of the new iDEQ mini PC barebone.

Jason Han, the Sales & Marketing Manager of Biostar, showing off the new mini PC barebone.

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