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Seagate Announces 11 New Products
By CPU-zilla
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Published by Jimmy Tang on Wednesday, 9th June, 2004

Full Spectrum Storage

Seagate today announced as many as 11 new products - making it one of the broadest product announcement in Seagate's history. Addressing every segment of the market, Seagate's strategy was to address 95% of the total available storage market. This places Seagate as the only storage company with the ability to satisfy a wide range of needs and requirements.

The new product introductions were mainly due to the availability of new technologies which made it possible for Seagate to deliver an unprecedented lineup of products. Seagate's expertise in the area of serial interfaces and higher areal densities made it possible to create hard disk drives with even higher capacities. In addition to traditional drives for the desktop or server market, Seagate's investment in small form factors has paid off as well - as we've seen from the introduction of the 2.5-inch Momentus drive last year as well as the enterprise-class 2.5-inch Savvio drive earlier this year.

The amount of data generated by individuals has grown to as much as 800MB worth of information per person each year, according to a study conducted by UC Berkeley in 2003. In the CE (consumer electronics) segment alone, it was estimated that 75 Petabytes worth of broadcast and television videos were streamed each year. In 2002, it was estimated that five Exabytes of data were recorded magnetically. These staggering numbers indicate the need for higher capacity storage, not just for the PC, but in other segments as well. This is one reason why Seagate is diversifying into other areas as Seagate sees good growth opportunities there.

Today, the anouncement will span across every segment of the market, including consumer electronics, notebook, desktop and enterprise. Let's go through some of the new product introductions in the next few pages.

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