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Computex 2004 Update (Part 3)
By CPU-zilla
Category : Events
Published by Jimmy Tang on Sunday, 6th June, 2004

IWILL's Server/Workstation Boards

We stopped over at IWILL's booth for a quick peek at some of their latest offerings which covers workstation/server solutions for Intel and AMD processors. Though they had solutions based on the Lindenhurst chipset, they were unfortunately still under NDA and we did not want to get IWILL into trouble. There were also quite a number of new small form factor PCs at IWILL.

Firstly, let's have a look at some of these dual processor boards.

IWILL's booth at Hall 1.

IWILL's DH800 motherboard based on the Intel 875P chipset will enable you to use next generation Intel Nocona processors at 800MHz FSB. Combined with the new southbridge (known as Hence Rapids) which supports the faster PCI-X (66MHz 64-bit) bus and two SATA ports. It also comes with an Intel PRO/1000CT Gigabit Ethernet controller and it incorporates a six-channel audio with an optical S/PDIF output jack located at the rear I/O ports.

The IWILL DK8E is a workstation board supporting two AMD Opteron processors. Based on the new NVIDIA CK8-04 and AMD-8131 chipsets, the board supports PCIe graphics (x16) and a single PCIe x1 slot. It comes with six SATA ports with NVIDIA's Gigabit Ethernet controller built-in. The AMD-8131 supports the three PCI-X (64-bit 133MHz) slots. The board comes with eight DIMM slots with maximum installed memory of up to 16GB.

The NVIDIA CK8-04 HyperTransport bridge used on the IWILL DK8E motherboard.

The IWILL DK8N is yet another workstation board based on the NVIDIA chipset, except that this does not support the new PCIe technology. Using the NVIDIA nForce3 Pro 250 bridge along with the AMD-8131, the board comes with one AGP 8x Pro slot, two PCI-X (64-bit 133MHz), two PCI-X (64-bit 66MHz), one PCI slot, six SATA RAID ports, two IEEE1394 ports and an NVIDIA Gigabit Ethernet controller.

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