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Konica Minolta DiMAGE A2
By Chucks
Category : Digital Camera
Published by Jimmy Tang on Monday, 26th April, 2004
Rating : 4 out of 5 stars  


The DiMAGE A2¬ís body design is very similar to its brother, the DiMAGE A1. Cosmetic wise, the logo that says Minolta under the built-in flash on A1 now reads Konica Minolta on A2. And under the AS (Anti-Shake) logo beside the lens now spots the words '8.0M'. And of course, the words 'DiMAGE A2' are imprinted on the side of the camera to truly differentiate it from its older sibling. Even though the DiMAGE A1 and A2 uses the same CCD size, the A2 is an 8 MegaPixel monster. The 7x optical zoom lens and Anti-Shake system remain, together with other features such as the tilting LCD monitor and grip sensor. But the A2 is not just a MegaPixel upgrade of the A1. New features include a new 3D AF focus system which Konica Minolta claims to be faster than the one used in A1, a new high resolution 'Super Fine EVF' and a beefed up video mode that offers higher resolution and frame rate amongst others. The new CxProcess™ II, 12-bit A/D conversion and LSI image processing promise to give users superior image quality and high speed operation.

Konica Minolta DiMAGE A2

What is Anti-Shake?

The Anti-Shake feature is built into the camera and not in the lens. The CCD sensor rests on a movable mount and motion sensors are used to detect camera shake and compensate by shifting the CCD vertically or horizontally accordingly. Konica Minolta claims that this Anti-Shake technology is effective against a wide range of shakes, be it small hand twitches or large body movements, and enables users to use up to 3 times slower shutter speeds than using a digital camera without it. Note that this feature can be disabled with a press of a button on the camera.

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