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LG GSA-4082B 8x SuperMulti DVD-Writer
By Justin Ong
Category : Optical Storage
Published by Jimmy Tang on Saturday, 6th March, 2004
Rating : 4 out of 5 stars   (Most Value For Money Award)


Just when you thought you’re a proud owner of the fastest and state of the art 8x DVD-Writer, a handful of manufacturers decided to burst your pride and joy by introducing 8x8x DVD-Writers (88s from now on). This variant of 88s does what your spanking new 8x4x DVD-Writers (84s from now on) could not, and that is the ability to write both DVD–R and +R media at 8x speed. However, this isn’t the only trick the 88s have over the 84s. The speed advantage the '+' standard once held over the '-' format has been erased cleanly, for writing DVD-RW medias at 4x is now very much a reality. Prior to the 88s, owners of 84s DVD-Writers could only write DVD-RW media at an extremely slow speed of 2x compared to the speedy 4x write speed long enjoyed by DVD+RW format. At long last, DVD-RW format have gotten themselves a steroid injection they needed and it comes in the form of none other than the 88s DVD-Writers.

With the advent of the 88s DVD-Writers, a perfect equilibrium in write speed has finally been achieved for both '-' and '+' camps. For a long time running, the '-' standard has taken a back seat and literally watched the '+' format overtook them as the format to embrace by consumers due to its superior write speed for both +R and +RW medias. So after an enduring format battle between the '-' and '+' format, it’s all back to square one. The difficult format decision once faced by consumers is in play once more, right? Well, not really. Just in from the distributor, the LG GSA-4082B in review today is an '88' drive and LG is also the first optical drive manufacturer to feature DVD-RAM compatibility on top of the existing DVD '–' and '+' read/write functionality. This unit truly boast 'Perfect Compatibility' for all major DVD and CD format – a total of nine different formats. But just how well will this SuperMulti drive fare when we put it through its paces? You’ll find out soon enough.

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