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Apple iPod shuffle
By Justin Ong
Category : Sound
Published by Vijay Anand on Sunday, 23rd January, 2005
Rating : 4 out of 5 stars  

iTune the iPod shuffle

Installation of the latest iTunes v4.7.1.30 is a prerequisite before you start filling up your brand new iPod shuffle with digital audio content. This is included with the installation CD that also has tutorials to help you ease your way into using the iPod and iTunes. If you do not already know, Apple's iTunes is a hugely popular jukebox management application that is robust enough to handle heaps of digital audio files and yet remains amazingly simple to master.

The latest iTunes v4.7.1.30

The large interface of the iTunes can be scaled down into a simplified mini player applet

A brand new feature called Autofill is the main highlight in the latest version of iTunes

Once your computer has been authorized by iTunes, songs can be immediately imported into the application. From there, a simple process of 'drag and drop' of you favorite tracks is all that's required to fill up the shuffle via USB for music on the go. For those who have the occasional headache in selecting tracks for your iPod shuffle, there is now an Autofill feature specially incorporated into iTunes to take away the chore of track selection. Apart from the automatic filling role, users can also stand to benefit from the ‘Replace all songs when Autofilling’ function to get a fresh experience with each round of Autofill. Versatility is probably the most impressive point of this new Autofill feature, as users can for example insert 20 of their favorite tracks into the iPod shuffle and let the Autofill feature automatically fill up whatever space that is left for maximum utilization of the remaining storage capacity.

iTunes online music store

Radio streaming function is available in iTunes for those seeking something a little different from their collection of songs from time to time

Equalizer settings are mandatory for an all-in-one jukebox application.

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