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Chaintech 7VJL Apogee Socket-A motherboard
By CPU-zilla
Category : Mainboard
Published by Jimmy Tang on Thursday, 11th July, 2002
Rating : 4.5 out of 5 stars  
Price : SGDN.A.

Inside the Box

Inside the box, you'll find a couple of items that you should find useful when setting up your new Athlon system. Aside from the motherboard, you'll find the user's guide, an Apogee Body Theater, the CBOX front panel, four CDs containing drivers, value pack 2002 software (including Norton Antivirus, Adobe ActiveShare, Acrobat Reader, Imagemore and Autosave) and Thiz Linux 6.0 (Asian and European version). The Norton Antivirus software is a full working version with up to 90 days of free virus definition update.

The CDs bundled with the 7VJL Apogee. Includes a driver CD, software CD and Thiz Linux 6.0 (Asian & Eurpoean edition).

The Apogee Body Theater kit is provided with the built-in C-Media 8738 6-channel audio chip which currently supports the latest XeaR audio technology. With the XeaR technology, users can enjoy the full 4.1/5.1-channel surround audio effects without the need to purchase expensive 4.1/5.1-channel speaker systems. More importantly, its goal was to reduce the setup complexity of most surround systems which normally involves messy wiring and space constraints. Using the Body Theater, C-Media is able to deliver a simulated surround environment through the earphones. All you need to have set up on your PC is a pair of good 2.1-channel speaker system. By turning on the Xear Mode in the C-Media audio driver, the rear channels are simulated and channeled to the body theater earphones. The earphones are constructed in such a way that it is loosely fitted on your ear so that front audio channels will continue to arrive at your ear while rear channels are played through the earphones. The
Body Theater headphones supplied with the Apogee are light and you could hardly feel it's there when worn around the ears. Besides watching movies with the Body Theater, you can also enjoy EAX-enhanced games with it.

The Body Theater comes in a sealed plastic pack - just like any other earphones you find out there.

The earphones hook to your ears and are loosely positioned so that the front audio channels from your 2.1-channel speaker system can still be clearly heard.

Chaintech also provided the CBox front panel which plugs directly into the 3.5" bay of your PC chassis. The CBox lets you channel frequently used connectors to the front of the system. The CBox comes with four USB 2.0 ports and connectors for earphones and microphone. With the CBox, it really makes using the Body Theater convenient as you do not need to plug the earphones to the back of your chassis anymore. However, unlike some of the other front panels we've seen so far, the CBox still has a lot of room for improvement.

The CBox front panel brings your USB 2.0 and headphones/microphone ports to the front of your chassis.

Overclockers would welcome the inclusion of rounded cables for both the ATA133 IDE ports and floppy connector. With colors matching the connectors, PCI and DIMM slots, the yellow rounded cables make an exceptionally beautiful accessory to go along with the system. It's a must for those into case modding. Besides looking good, rounded cables also assist in ensuring proper airflow as they do not block air vents like flat cables. Since rounded cables now come with the motherboard, you will not have to fork out about S$45 to buy them.

Yellow colored DIMM slots.

Yellow PCI slots - attractive to some, but a turnoff to others.

Rounded IDE and floppy cables are one of the best bundles we've seen so far.

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