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MSI 925X Neo Platinum (Intel 925X Express)
By Zachary Chan
Category : Mainboard
Published by Vijay Anand on Tuesday, 11th January, 2005
Rating : 4.5 out of 5 stars  

MSI features

As you might have guessed, the MSI 925X Neo Platinum has a host of technological advancements to get the most out of your board. MSI has offered software solutions in the past like FuzzyLogic and PC Alert for overclocking and voltage and temperature monitoring in Windows. However, in light of ABIT's dedicated ĀµGuru chip, MSI responds in kind with their CoreCell technology. CoreCell is also an integrated IC on the motherboard to help system monitoring and maintenance. Unlike ABIT, mum's the word when it comes to MSI's CoreCell technology. The chip itself is hidden by a shiny block soldered over. Admittedly there is little information on what and how CoreCell actually works.

MSI CodeCell IC, well hidden under this shiny block.

In anycase, the following technologies are apart of CoreCell:-

  • BuzzFree – The main purpose of BuzzFree is to achieve a quieter system. As a noise management tool, it continuously monitors system utilization and temperature. It is then able to dynamically adjusts CPU and NorthBridge fan speeds, reducing up to 50% of system noise.

  • LifePro – LifePro seems to be a system monitoring tool that helps to manage motherboard utilization and eliminate possibility of system crashes. It is supposed to prolong component life of the motherboard, CPU and Fans.

  • PowerPro - PowerPro is the power saving feature of CoreCell. It helps to prolong the lives of the CPU, motherboard and its components by monitoring utilization and reducing power consumption as required. According to MSI, the power management offered by PowerPro can help moderate power consumption up to 67%. Regulating the power helps ensure motherboard stability in most situations.

  • Speedster Technology – No motherboard technology would be complete without an overclocking feature. For CoreCell, we have two. Speedster is your run of the mill overclocking function that provides the full range of voltage and clock settings.

  • D.O.T. – The second overclocking feature is MSI's Dynamic Overclocking Technology. D.O.T has been integrated as one of CoreCell's components. MSI's Dynamic Overclocking Technology will overclock your system based on the parameters you have set. The technology is not much different from the dynamic overclocking available on the ASUS P5AD2 Premium motherboard. However, unlike the ASUS AI NOS, D.O.T. uses a thermal based technique to determine CPU load. Due to this, it may not be as effective since temperatures vary in different environments and is directly affected by components like CPU cooler.

  • V Power – MSI proprietary technology that helps to adjust and compensate for voltage fluctuations to ensure that the correct voltage is applied to the CPU at all times. This mechanism is regulated by the CoreCell chip.

  • MSI Core Center – MSI's Core Center utility is a Windows based application to consolidate and access the functions within the CoreCell technology. From this control panel, you can monitor voltage and temperature properties, perform overclocking and set the parameters for smart fan functionality.

  • MSI DigiCell – DigiCell is another integrated Windows application that acts as a media center and launch pad for other MSI tools. DigiCell can be used to configure any and all integrated peripherals of the system, such as audio properties, power management, MP3 file management and MSI MegaStick access plus communication / 802.11g Wi-Fi settings where applicable. In the case of the 925X Neo Platinum, DigiCell can configure onboard audio properties, launch Core Center and access MSI Live Update feature.

    MSI DigiCell multimedia and application launch center.
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