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Philips 150MT 15-inch TFT LCD Monitor/TV
By Robin Ang
Category : Monitor
Published by Jimmy Tang on Monday, 21st October, 2002
Rating : 4.5 out of 5 stars  

The Package

The Package contains:-

1. Philips 150MT 15-inch TFT LCD monitor/television
2. Quick Setup Guide with installation CD-ROM
3. A Remote Controller
4. A PC audio cable
5. A Power cable
6. Universal power adapter

The Silver Chrome motif of the "MT" family looks sleek and trendy.

The back and sides of the monitor is brown in color.

The monitor stand is made of metal!

The three rubber feet at the bottom of the monitor stand prevents slips.

Like the 180MT , the 150MT comes with a silver/gray color combo with a brown back. It is supported by a metal stand, which is removable. There is a generous amount of venting holes at the back of the monitor, which aids in cooling.

You can tilt the 150MT forward and backward. However, you cannot swivel or pivot the monitor screen.

All the buttons at a glance.

The power button is back-lit with a cool green glow.

Whether television or PC mode, the green lit indicators show the way.

The 150MT comes with several silver coated buttons on the front of the chassis. The power button and PC/TV indicator has a green glow, which should look cool in the dark. Other more useful buttons include the ability to switch between PC and TV, as well as differing video sources (S-Video, for example).

The integrated speakers are clear enough for dialogue and sound effects.

The speakers that are integrated into the 150MT perform adequately for voice and music content, but lacks bass and spatial reach. This is due to the limitations in terms of space for the speakers. Thus, the audiophile will be better off with an external audio system.

Common functions like channel and volume controls can be accessed easily

It is always welcomed when we can access certain features like "Picture-in-Picture" (PIP), "auto-calibration", channels and volume controls directly from the 150MT's buttons.

The a/v inputs and outputs are conveniently label and placed at the button portion of the monitor.

Even though, the monitor does not come with DVI, the RGB analogue port should suffice.

The different video inputs allows one the flexibiility to plug in multiple video sources. (S-Video)

For the best picture quality, use the component input plugs if your video disc player supports it.

As a television/monitor, there is the ubiquitous co-axial cable input plug.

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