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ComeMon CPD-174 17.4-inch LCD Monitor
By Robin Ang
Category : Monitor
Published by Jimmy Tang on Thursday, 5th September, 2002
Rating : 4 out of 5 stars  

What Lies Within?

Opening the box we found the following accessories (it may differ from our review unit as what was passed on to us was not the full retail version) :

1. The ComeMon CPD-174
2. Software Installation Disks (Drivers, Manuals and Pivot Pro)
3. One set of analogue RGB cable
4. One set of DVI cable
5. One power cable with universal adapter (Input: 100 ~ 240 VAC, Output: 12 VDC, 3,8A)
6. One printed manual

The CPD-174 has a silver chrome/black color combination which should fit in with most office furniture.

Before dwelling more in depth into the monitor proper, let's concentrate on the surface physical aspects of the monitor. The monitor unit itself is relatively lightweight, and only occupies a small footprint. As such, this will be a boon for those who only have a small desk space to work on. It runs cool to the touch and there are many ventilation holes for heat dissipation (mainly emitted by the backlighting).

The monitor screen is surrounded with a chrome silver-grayish border with a black colored base stand. As such, it should appeal to many users and blends in well with most home or office furniture. However, the border, which measures 3.5cm at the length and 4 cm at the breadth, might not appeal to those who prefer a monitor that has a viewable area that essentially goes from edge to edge. However, this is just a minor nitpicky point that most users will not be bothered with (unless you intend to use it in DualHead or TripleHead setups).

The monitor stand allows one to adjust the height, tilt, swivel and pivot of the LCD. However, there is one caveat. For one, the tension on the joints of the stands is relatively tight. An adjustable screw to adjust this tension will be a nice touch. This applies equally to the height and swivel function of the monitor stand. However, one nice thing is that it is relatively easy to pivot the monitor. There is not much tension when swinging from landscape to portrait mode. Portrait mode will come in handy when you are editing a newsletter or preparing a spreadsheet, and you want to get a perspective on how it will look to the reader.

The monitor unit itself is wall mountable but as the wall mount kits are optional and not included in the packaging, we are not able to test this feature out.

The monitor allows one to either plug in an analogue or DVI cable.

The monitor is able to work with two input sources, either through the analogue RGB cable or the Digital Video Interface (DVI). This is selectable via the on screen display (OSD), if you have two set of cables plugged into the monitor at the same time.

The speakers are integrated into the monitor stand.

The unit that came to the labs comes with two passive speakers that are integrated with the monitor stand. It is relatively weak in sound quality and is not powered. As such, we recommend that you forgo using those speakers even if you are semi-serious about sound quality. However, to its credit, it comes with two sound plugs, one for the audio-in and the other for a pair of headphones, so you have an alternative to fall back on.

Cables can be routed here via the plastic clips and then hidden with a backplate.

The monitor unit itself has built-in cable guides to help you organize and route the cables neatly. The plastic back cover, which you can snap on or off, is used to hide them.

By purchasing a chain and lock, you can secure the monitor to the desktop.

Additionally, the LCD monitor is equipped with a security lock slot that is compatible to the "Kensington" security lock. As such, you can purchase a chain and lock from your local computer retailer and then secure the monitor to your desktop.

The sets of video cables that are provided with the package are adequate and the manual is written in English and in Taiwanese Chinese script. Those who do not understand either langauge might be at a disadvantage.

The adaptor that is packaged with the Comeon's CPD-174 is a universal adapter and is rated from 100V to 240V. As such, you can pretty much use this monitor wherever you may be, as long as you have a pin adapter for the two-pin power cable.

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